listed below are some places to fish around dumfries

loch Arthur  located near beeswing pike and perch are in the loch

and has easy access to two road side parking areas from which you can fish

there is no closed season and the loch produces pike up to 20 lb and is

free to fish please note you can only fish this loch from the roadside as there is no

access to the far side of the loch.


loch rutton  located at lochfoot pike, perch, roach and bream are in the loch

you can fish all round the loch ample parking and short walks to the loch

again no closed season and the loch produces pike up to 25 lb

please help keep the loch tidy take your rubbish home it will be

appreciated by the local farmers who allow you to fish the loch.


carlingwalk loch located in castle douglas pike and perch are in the loch

car parking and close to the town centre

no closed season and free fishing

the loch produces pike to 20 lb there is a lot of jack pike to be had

a safe place to introduce the kids to fishing.    

when i complete this section it will give information on salmon,trout, sea fishing and pike fishing in the area,  as i have not yet completed the website please keep checking for updates



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